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The restaurant offers a wide range of food revolving on the A La Carte Menu but equally palate whetting.  A Russian starter could be followed by Pumpkin soup, consolidated by our kitchen pride main dish of Nakara Mixed Grill and washed down with a cup of Kilimanjaro Coffee grown on the mountain slopes.

We take care of special needs like those of the vegetarian and visitors with specified health diet conditions. All you do is kindly request and we oblige. We have an extremely flexible kitchen engineering system. The choice is really yours.

You have even chance to take coffee with milk in the vicinity of the tree that bore the beans and get a 'Bon appetit' message from cow sheds in the village setting. 


We have a bar well stocked with soft drinks, lager, wines and spirits. Under the permanently cold weather in the Mt. Kilimanjaro environs, those wanting to warm up on the rocks can be sure of a full experience in the hands of Nakara hospitality.