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Welcome to Nakara Hotel

CARVED out of a banana and coffee plantation, NAKARA HOTELS LTD is strategically located at the very foothill of the world famous Mt. Kilimanjaro in Tanzania. It is just two kilometers from the gate to the most preferred route up, Marangu, fondly referred to as the Coca-Cola Route.

The last joint destination on the route, shortly before entering the park, the hotel boasts many spectacular views of the mountain, particularly during the dry season. It is 44km from Moshi town and 98 km from the Kilimanjaro International Airport gateway to the world famous Northern Tourist Circuit, to which Mount Kilimanjaro is the flag bearer.

In its ever cool atmosphere embraced by the Chagga farms, about 500m from the road leading to the Marangu Gate, NAKARA HOTELS LTD presents itself as having an added value as an appropriate venue for pre-climb acclimatization. One has time to walk up and down the mountain area while having a taste of the warm welcome of the Chagga people.

It is equally an appropriate post-climb cerebration point in its beautiful and under shade garden whose soft carpet like turf is decorated and fenced off the walkways by short and well trimmed hedges.  In four words, one Norwegian guest called it "A garden of Eden!

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Welcome; The hotel reception treatment is such that even if it's your first arrival, you feel as if you had been there before. There is no stranger at NAKARA HOTELS LTD. 

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